Telmari Uwagi Part 2 – Sewing

Part 1 of the tutorial can be found by clicking here.

It is time to sew your uwagi. You should now have the following pieces:

Back, fronts, sleeves and collar(s)

Back, fronts, sleeves and collar(s)

I have already finished one, as has Linn, because I wanted to make sure the pattern layout would work. So the pictures you are seeing are of an uwagi at doll scale (because I really didn’t need another one for myself). I’ll be sewing with white thread to make sure you can see the seams.

On to the sewing:

  1. Match up the shoulder seams and pin them right side to right side and sew. Zig zag the raw edges (always remember to zig zag any raw edges from now on).



Now the body of the uwagi is assembled.

  1. Now to attach the sleeves to the body: Fold the sleeve in half lengthwise and mark the fold point (the middle). Lay out the body of the uwagi, right side up. Place the sleeve on this, right side down one by one. Match the mark you made on the sleeve with the shoulder seam. Pin in place and sew.



One sleeve pinned in place. Since I’m sewing doll scale I have already hemmed my sleeves because it is virtually impossible to do afterwards with doll clothes.


Once both sleeves are attached, lay the uwagi out flat. It will form a cross.


  1. Take the uwagi and fold in half along the shoulder seam. It should look like a T. Sew the side seams from the hem of the sleeves to the bottom hem line of the uwagi.


Repeat on the other side.


  1. Hem the sleeves and the bottom of the uwagi and the two straight front sides. Turn right side out.


5. Now for the collar: Measure the length of the collar. If need be attach two collar pieces to each other and trim to the correct length.

6. Attach the collar to the uwagi: Pin the collar to the right side of the uwagi and sew.


7. Turn in the ends and fold over the opposite edge. Pin down and sew.




All done. 🙂
Now try it on and admire your work.

Bellatrix wearing the uwagi.

Beatrix wearing the uwagi.

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